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Handling Water Damage in Newport, RI

Water damage can arise from a number of causes, such as fire damage, broken pipes, blocked drains, malfunctioning appliances and storms. The appropriate treatment depends on the type of damage, however, water can harbor unknown hazardous contaminants and even clean water can promote mildew and mold growth.

Paradise Cleaning & Restoration works quickly and efficiently to alleviate all of these hazards with advanced drying techniques along with steps recommended by the Red Cross:

We can provide:

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During the flood of 2010 I received severe water damage to my home. Within a few hours of my first call, the people at Paradise went to work. Jim’s professionalism and dedication are sincere. His technicians are equally professional and extremely knowledgeable. My experience with Paradise made a horrific situation a lot easier. I recommend them highly!

—Corey Centracchio

Case Studies

Small Things Can Create BIG Problems Be sure your plumbing fixtures are solid and secure In this loss a small icemaker water line broke causing water to flood into the basement. Our crew had to remove the carpet, padding and subfloor and use heavy-duty industrial driers to extract all the remaining moisture.

Saving memories:
When a hot water heater broke, many historic documents and photographs were soaked at a notable U.S. Senator’s Newport home. He and his wife were delighted when Paradise Cleaning was able to save these precious memories utilizing state-of-the-art freeze-drying techniques.


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Flooded basement with water damage in Newport, RI

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Link to radio broadcastJim explains how his crew cleans up and restores a home after flooding occurs. This interview with realtor Genny Croll aired on WADK Radio during her weekly “Let’s Talk Real Estate” show.

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