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MoldOver the past several years, mold has become an increasing health issue. Mold growth on surfaces can often be seen in the form of discoloration, frequently green, gray, brown or black, but also white and other colors. Molds release countless tiny, lightweight spores which travel through the air. Mold spores primarily cause health problems when they are present in large numbers and people inhale many of them. This occurs primarily when there is active mold growth within home, office or school where people live or work.

Paradise Cleaning & Restoration addresses mold and the moisture problems that have caused it. Cleanup begins after the moisture source is fixed and excess water has been removed. Afterwards, steps are taken to properly dry out the structure. Make sure to inspect your home regularly for the indications and sources of indoor moisture and mold. Take steps to eliminate sources of water as quickly as possible and if a leak or flooding occurs, it is essential to act quickly.

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“Finally our condo is completely safe and clear of toxic mold. Your company was with us every step of the way. Your professionalism and attention to detail helped Jeanne and I get through this difficult situation. ”

—Dan Meucci

Alan "Dutch" KerrI wanted to support a local provider, even though our insurance company had recommended a national franchise. After all was said and done we were extremely pleased with the work provided by Jim Paradise and his crew.

—Alan “Dutch” Kerr

Case Study

Basement Before and After Clean UpWorst Mold Problem We’ve Ever Seen This customer bought a house that had extensive mold in the basement. After we removed the wall board and insulation, we pressure washed the ceilings, walls, and floor. An antimicrobial agent was then applied to all surfaces to avert future problems.


Mold, before treatment Mold, after treatment

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