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I wanted to say thank you very much for all of your help, Jim. You were terrific and really made this terrible situation bearable for us.

—Colleen Hopkins

Case Study

Saving irreplaceable records: After flooding brought three feet of water into the basement at the North Kingston Town Hall officials were worried that all the town’s records would be lost. Paradise Cleaning saved them all by pumping the water out, sorting and blast freezing the paperwork, and transporting it by freezer truck to a freeze dry company who was able to thaw it out appropriately.


Keep Your Business Healthy

From the Providence Business News:
After there’s been a flood in your office, you might pick up all the rugs and hope that everything dries without causing problems. But Jim Paradise would do things a little differently: he’d pull up the rugs, bring in commercial dehumidifiers, vacuums and dryers, apply a mold-resistant compound to the floor and sometimes even pull up the floorboards or open up the drywall to monitor for mold. Read the article.

We offer on-site inspections and personal consultations to help business owners prevent disasters from occurring.

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